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  • Dechirement ("Torn")

    2009 170/70 cm

  • Cries et Chuchotements ("Cries and Whispers")

    2009 170/70cm

  • Le Jugement ("Judgement")


  • Le Narrateur ("The Narrator")

    2009 65/50 cm

  • Empreinte du Pouvoir ("Imprint of Power")

    2009 165/100cm

  • La Beigneuse ("The Bather")

    2007 60/40 cm

Walls, fragments of walls, tiles ...! Limbs, body parts, pieces of existing substrates ...
Debris, bricks, spectral visions, specular hallucinations,   remnants of life, memories in stone.
In these paintings,  the old, the real, and the phantasmagorical mingle, intertwine and dance a sarabande of color and non-color. The tones are hinted at,  then they capture and enter the heart in turmoil ...!