Samia Zoghlami is a painter well known in Tunesia who is beginning to establish her reputation abroad. She studied art in Paris and was a pupil of the famous Tunisian artist Nejib Belkhodja. Her painting merges elements of her local artistic traditions with the currents of contemporary and 20th century art, lending her a distinctive individual voice. The roots of these local traditions are not just Arab and Berber, but extend back all the way to ancient Greece, Rome and Carthage.

At the same time, her painting evokes a sense of narrative – when viewing her paintings, one feels that a story is being suggested without being fully revealed. This imbues her work with a certain mysterious charm, albeit with powerful emotional undercurrents. These two factors – the blending of modern art with North African traditions, and the mystery of the unrevealed narrative, combine to make her work so exceptional and unique.